Arifco Mineral water

It is with very great pleasure; we would like to introduce ourselves that ARIFCO is a group of companies’ deals in Contracting, Dewatering, General Maintenance and Real Estate. ARIFCO MINERAL WATER FILLING L.L.C. is owned and headed by Eng. Mohamed Al Arif who also owns Arifco Building Contracting, Arifco Dewatering LLC, Arifco General Maintenance and Seven Ocean Real Estate. Arifco Mineral Water Filling LLC has been established by a team of well experienced and qualified professionals in the field of mineral water industry producing 330 ml, 600 ml & 1.5 Liters bottled pure drinking water in the brand name of Al Nahr, The Company is deeply involved in providing quality and hygienic bottled drinking water to its clients. The company ensures to give very close attention and concentration with maximum care of the customer’s health

Dealing with Arifco Mineral water Filling LLC is the beginning of a long pleasant and rewarding relationship. The company has a talented team of engineers, technicians, Chemist, Microbiologist and skilled workers who are well qualified in management and plant supervision.


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